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Cultural Diversity and Workforce Management


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Effect of workforce diversity in the performance of an organization

1.0 Introduction
Diversity in the workplace has for a longtime been viewed as a challenging issue to manage within an organization. The management therefore takes quite some time to ensure that the employees get along. This has to be done to enable every single employee feel engaged within the organization. The website identified for this study is Apple Company website. The company clearly highlights the reason it identifies diversity among its staff.
The website also highlights on what it aims to benefit from a diverse force based on its quest for more innovation. When the term diversity is searched a series of plans the company has for diversity pop up (Apple, 2016). For instance the plans it has for the present workforce, future plans, job creation by identifying diversity, its policy on diversity and inclusion and diversity based jobs.
The material on diversity is related to the organization’s plans for innovation as it targets to have a workforce that have different ideas that will enable it come up with unique products. The mission and goals are all inclined with the plans the company has for a diverse workforce (Apple, 2016). Potential employees and customers will be able to know by logging onto the website the immense opportunities the organization has and will not hesitate working with them. The information on diversity is current because the management has put in place plans that will see it implement diversity even in future. The opportunities available for students under diversity can clearly justify this plan.
The picture on the page symbolizing show a team of individuals from different working on a project and all of them are contributing on the same thus it is appropriate.

Having looked at the website as a potential employee, I will be willing to apply for a job at Apple Company any time knowing full well that they offer employment opportunities to everyone despite their background. As a customer I will be willing to purchase a product from Apple because I will be supporting a diverse team and also enjoy a product that was developing by a team of individuals who represent diversity. In addition, I know that the product I will by will have taken into consideration my interests (Saxena, 2014).
As a potential supplier, I will be convinced that if I approach the company to offer my services I will be able to get a chance to do business with such a diverse team of individuals. The website highly encourages diverse employees to apply for jobs in this diverse organization because of its advocacy for innovation through a diverse workforce and its commitment to promote diversity in future (Apple, 2016).
The internal management issues that can affect the prominence diversity gets on the website are management of relationships among the employees; if the management does not inculcate the culture of inclusion within the firm, the strategy may as well end up failing to meet its purpose. There is no diversity awards listed in the website.
Based on the audit of the company, before applying for a job at Apple, I will have to enquire if the company has an age limit for those applying. I will still go ahead and apply though despite my sexuality and disability because the company has clarified its stand on diversity on the website. I believe that my application will be considered based on my qualification rather than other issues like lifestyle or disability.

1.1 Problem statement
Employees have for a long time been having difficulty fitting in organizations because of the level of diversity among them. These has thus led to the need for the managers identifying the diverse characteristics among their workforce and use them as means of achieving better performance in an organization. This paper therefore aims at looking at the effect of a diverse workforce in the performance of an organization.
1.2 Research Goals
1. Investigate the relationship between experience and performance in an organization.
2. Investigate the relationship of cultural differences and performance within an organization.
3. Investigate the relationship of age towards the performance in an organization.
4. Investigate the impact of independent variables towards the dependent variable
5. Investigate the relationship of a diverse team of employee and innovation in an organization.
6. Investigate the relationship of gender towards the performance of an organization.
7. Investigate the relationship between sexual orientation and the performance of an organization.
1.3 Data collection plan
1.3.1 Primary method
Primary method of data collection will be done by issuing a questionnaire to employees of Apple Company. This questionnaire will aim at collecting information on the manner diversity is handled within the organization. The questions will be based on the validity of the targeted audiences within the organization thus ensuring its accuracy.
1.3.2 Secondary method
Secondary method of data collection will involve researching the past researches stored in form of textbooks. This will also involved going through the peer reviewed articles that were written by researchers who undertook the study earlier on. This will also look at the previous researches that were earlier done in the on the same topic.
1.4 Project outline
1.4.1 Background
In view of the rise in the level of diversity in the workforce, the managers within organizations are continuously seeking to ensure that the workforce is still active and capable of performing to deliver on their part. This has however affected some organizations negatively because the employees are not willing to accommodate those with different characteristics.
The management has taken into account the positive contribution the individuals with unique characteristics have on the organization and also ensuring that the other employees are informed on the need for having a diverse workforce and respecting each other’s contribution in turn even though they practice different cultures and have different sexual orientation compared to the rest of the workforce (Saxena, 2014).
In addition, all employees are encouraged to embrace the same since it determines the future of the workforce. Work teams will be having a highly diverse team and it would be in order to complement each other’s contributions as they work to meet the organization goals set by the management (Saxena, 2014). This will be also an opportunity for them to learn from each other and in the long run become more versatile within their areas of expertise.
1.4.2 Project aims
This project aims at:
1. Finding ways through which individuals in an organization can be accepted despite their age
2. Improving organization performance despite the different cultural backgrounds of the workforce
3. Looking into the accommodation of each other despite their sexual orientation
4. Recognition of employees’ abilities despite their disability or race
5. Effects on organizational performance despite their different working styles

2. Effect of workforce diversity in the performance of an organization 2.1 Primary dimensions
The different cultural backgrounds that employees come from give them the opportunity to be capable of introducing something new in the organization work teams. This also boosts their morale and makes them feel part and parcel of the organization and they will be willing to give their all in the process (Chuang, 2013).
In addition, the fact that an individual has a different sexual orientation does not make them less of an employee rather it is their skills and performance that count in the long run. An individual may be older than the rest of the team but then he may be more experienced and the rest may seek to improve on the areas he or she is good at (Chuang, 2013). This will thus see an improvement in the performance of the organization.
2.2 Secondary dimensions
Under secondary dimensions, work experience will count highly whenever a team of diverse employees have an older employee who will seek to guide them. The older one however cannot brag about his knowledge because the younger group of employees can be able to improve on it thus a rise in the performance of the organization.
The level of communication one holds in an organization cannot also limit their ability to be able to perform better or consider the other members as non-equals. The virtue of team work will only be effective if all the employees get along and work together to ensure that they meet the desired goal. This will help all of them develop and get a chance to improve in the areas they are still learning.
The level of education of an individual may help him or her in terms of knowledge but turning theory into practice may be difficult thus it would be in order to appreciate the employees that have been working in the industry for a longer period of time and get to know how to implement the same in the work environment they are assigned. This will in the long run help in improving the performance of the organization and in what better way than as a team and people get to learn in the process.
2.3 Importance of diversity
Diversity is important since the management will be able to retain great talent by identifying their interests. The employees practicing Islamic religion for one will be retained since the management will be able to give them a day off on Fridays so that they can go to mosque for their prayers (GEO, 2013). Through this, the employees will have a sense of belonging and will be willing to give their best input in the organization.
Working in diverse teams is also a great way through which employees will be able to get trained and learn on the job by exchanging ideas without the management having to organize a training program in order for them to know how various activities are undertaken in the organization (GEO, 2013).
An organization can measure and reward compliance by reviewing the extent to which they comply with the corporate policies. The management also measures the level of performance and rewards them for an exemplary performance. This can be done through a performance appraisal of the employees after a certain period of time. They are then scored against the targets set and rewarded based on the percentage score (Dike, 2013).
2.4 Conclusion
In a bid to improve in an organization, the management should create a culturally diverse environment in their company in order to attract a diverse pool of candidates who seek employment. Secondly, diversity can be increased by offering training to employees on diversity in a bid for them to understand the hiring decisions the management made by selecting a diverse workforce (Dike, 2013). Thirdly, the management can introduce flexible work schedules, to let the newly hired employees know that the organization recognizes religious holidays and cultural practices, thus an increase in diversity (Chuang, 2013)

(GEO), G. E. (2013). The Business Case for Equality and Diversity. Department for Business Innovation and Skills , 67.
Apple. (2016, January 1). Employee Diversity . Retrieved January 15, 2016, from Apple Company Website :
Chuang, S. (2013). ESSENTIAL SKILLS . Online Journal for Workforce Education and Development , 24.
Dike, P. (2013). The impact of workplace diversity on organisations. ARCARDA , 56.
Saxena, A. (2014). Workforce Diversity: A Key to Improve Productivity. Science Direct , 85.

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