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Cultural Diversity in Hospitality Management – How to Improve Cultural Diversity Workforce

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Bachelor's thesis Degree Programme In Hospitality Management Hospitality Management 2012

Veera Korjala

– How to improve cultural diversity workforce

BACHELOR'S THESIS | ABSTRACT TURKU UNIVERSITY OF APPLIED SCIENCES Degree Programme In Hospitality Management | Hospitality Management 2012 | 64 Susanna Saari

Veera Korjala

The bachelor´s thesis investigates cultural diversity in the hospitality management. It aims at presenting effective ways to improve cultural diversity in a workplace. This study was commissioned by JW Marriott San Antonio Hill Country Resort & Spa in Texas, USA and three hotels in Stillwater, Oklahoma, USA: Atherton Hotel, Hampton Inn & Suites and Residence Inn. The bachelor´s thesis incorporates culture theories and their applications to the workplace. Additionally, it focuses on cultural diversity dimensions in hospitality workplace, such as its benefits and challenges, its reflection in the work environment which have been related to the organization’s cultural diversity management. Eventually it provides solutions, such as a corporate strategic plan which focuses on the improvement of cultural diversity in the workplace by means of cultural diversity training. These best practices of cultural diversity are discussed in detail both in the literature review and in the study. The bachelor’s thesis has used two research methods, both qualitative and quantitative research approach. Qualitative research method was implemented by seven in-depth interviews with a target group of managers in the JW Marriott resort hotel whereas the quantitative research component executed captive questionnaire survey and included target group of entire workforce of the three properties in Stillwater. The aim of the interview was to support the literature review and...

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