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Culture Event – Wicked, The Untold Stories of the Wizard of Oz
Tami M. Linton
Professor James Allen
HUM 112
March 11, 2012

Cultural Event – Wicked, The Untold Stories of the Wizard of Oz
The cultural event I participated in, was Wicked, The Untold Stories of the Wizard of Oz. I saw this Broadway musical production on Sunday, March 11 at Chrysler Hall in Norfolk, at 6:30 pm, attending with me, was my mother and two sister-in-laws. I love plays and musicals, however I wasn’t sure what to expect when we arrived that evening, as this was my first encounter of a professional level performance. The excitement in the highly attended diverse crowd could be felt even before the show started. As soon as the lights dimmed and the show started, I was engaged, and was taken through to the end.
Wizard of Oz is a well known story; however there is more to the lives of the two witches of Oz than the story tells. Wicked is based on the relationship of Glenda the Good Witch and Elsaba the Wicked Witch of the West, whom were childhood friends, and through a series of events became viewed more as enemies. Glenda was the popular, pretty and ambitious girl, while Elsaba was the smart, serious, misunderstood, ugly girl with emerald green skin.
A main turning point in their friendship came when both girls fell in love with a handsome man. Smitten by both girls, the handsome man fell for the pretty Glenda. Infuriated by betrayal and rage that her looks had been the reason for his decision, Elsaba cast a spell on the handsome man, and turned him into a Scarecrow. Glenda thought that the handsome man had disappeared, blaming her friendship with the ugly Elsaba for his reason of leaving, and was hurt because the abrupt departure. This started a wedge between the two girls friendship.
Another turning point in their relationship came when Dorthy’s house crashed upon Elsaba’s beloved…...