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Cultural Event Week 1
Chris Dahir


Ronald Schaffer

University of Phoenix

May 19, 2009

One of the most unforgettable cultural events I have attended was the musical, Les Miserables, which is set during the early 19th century when France was on the verge of one of their many waves of revolutions. When we arrived at the theater my friend who I was with, ran into a good friend, who also happened to be the manager at the theater that evening. He graciously sat us in seats three rows back from the stage, rather than in the seats we had purchased. The experience was remarkable as we could see every facial expression and the sweat on the brow of each of the actors. I have had the privilege of seeing Andrew Lloyd Weber’s production of Phantom of the Opera twice and each time the play was magnificent, but the experience of watching Les Miz from so close up, gave me a completely different experience, as everything was so much more profound. I have been to concerts, movies, and I have read many books, but my experiences from attending live performances at the theater have been multi faceted and seem to encompass all the others.

To address the many scenes and characters in Les Miz would take more words than we are allowed, but I would like to focus in on a scene that takes place between the main character of Jean Valjean and the Bishop of Digne. Jean Valjean was arrested for stealing bread for his sister and her family during a time when the poor were very oppressed, he served 19 years in jail doing hard labor, was released, and after Valjean’s release from prison, he finds shelter and food in the home of the Bishop of Digne,

I believe this scene is pivotal to the remaining character of Jean Valjean and to the play as a whole. This scene unfolds with Jean Valjean seeking a place to stay for the evening, after being released from jail, but…...