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Cultural Identity Project

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God always works in mysterious ways with me. I really mean that. He show’s me things about myself and others and I have to always say “Ok Jesus once again you are trying to punk me” Yes I talk to my father like that. Because I have to be transparent with him. So my focus on my last submission is the “Sexual Orientation.”
I have several friends that live what some call an “Alternative lifestyle” I have a close friend (I will call her Liberty) who is married to her partner (I will call her Justice). Who lives the daily lives of a married same sex couple? Although I am not homophobic I am thrown aback because I just don’t completely understand how two people of the same sex can be in a relationship. Then because it is not a relationship that is ordained by God I wrestle with the fact that people try to make something that clearly goes against God’s will correct. I am not however homophobic at all. Although I know a lot of people who are. Personally I believe in the concept of love the people and hate the sin. Too often this is an area so many fall short. I believe that there are so many times we overlook other sins and transgressions because they are not what we call bad. Forsaking there are no big or little sins. It becomes easy to excuse the liar, cheater, thief, fornicator, adultery, and gossiper...

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