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Cultural Influence on Companies

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Culture has a major influence on international and local businesses. Firms today have to deal with the reality of cultural diversity not just on the international business scene but also within their organizations. Understanding this diversity and successfully interpreting it helps to realize and take advantage of the opportunities provided by globalization. Analyzing the cultures of triumphing companies and countries helps to compare, contrast and learn from their path to glory. Based on these facts, this research paper will study three different successful electronics companies from three different countries/cultures. These are Apple Inc. of USA, Samsung Electronics of South Korea and Sony Corporation of Japan. Apple and Sony Corporation are both involved in many types of business activities and Samsung Electronics is part of a larger multinational conglomerate (Samsung group) which comprises numerous affiliated international businesses. However due to size and commonality of products, this research will focus on their electronics business with specific attention to Mobile devices (Smartphone and mobile computing devices). This research paper will briefly touch up on the activities of the three companies and how cultures of their respective countries influence their corporate culture, management style and overall business activities. The purpose of such research is to analyze the corporate culture of each company in relation to their respective country of origin and present a comparative conclusion of each company’s culture in contrast of one another. The findings of the research will have informative and comparative significance for individuals interested in cultural effects on managing businesses internationally or locally.

Samsung Electronics
Corporate Background
Samsung Electronics was established in 1969, thirty one years after its parent...

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