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Cultural Marriages

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Cultural Marriages

Cultural Marriages
Kenny Lyday
March 9th, 2013
EG351 Week 11
Project part 2
Dr. Dunn

The institution of marriage carries various social implications that determine quality of life depending upon the social construct of the couple. Learning to form bonds with others begins at a very young age, and in so doing, forms many of the decisions that adults have in weddings and ceremonies. Along with the bond, mate selection, cultural similarities and social attitudes help construct the institution of marriage. Ideas into the process of marriage and types of ceremonies shape the establishment of the joining of individuals. Being with the right person, determining if family and friends would be accepting of the choice made, and cultural similarities that can affect child rearing are a few questions that can be generated when the union of two individuals join together to solidify their bond into matrimony. In essence, typical marriages deal with the course of two individuals who gain emotional ties that become strong enough to believe that to complete the final choice in true commitment is to undergo the process of making an outward proclamation of togetherness. Many view this sort of ceremony to be sacred, and in fact, include various religious infusions that in many cases are culturally influenced. Primary decisions that influence marriage do not always include the idea of love, or even emotional bonds. The idea of being loneliness, feeling of the need to belong and the poignant view of social rejection can rush the person into proceeding in this type of arrangement. “No segment of society is immune from loneliness, but some people are at greater risk than others…emotional loneliness is loneliness due to lack of an attachment figure whereas social loneliness is due to lack of friends and associates,” (Taylor, Peplau &…...

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