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In this final project of Topics in Cultural studies; I hope to expound on the creation of an artifact that is in its very infancy as artifacts are dated. This is one of Dr. Martin Luther King Father, Husband, Minster, Civil Rights Leader and overall Good Man and the Roman type of granite monument that had been built in his honor in Washington D.C this nation Capital. I will talk about The Monument where it’s located and what it looks like, “The Cultural Background” by which all things started from the gathering of slaves and the effects on a descendant of Africa after European influences more than 400, to their freedom from slavery, to the civil rights movement of which Dr. King emerges. From here I will move to “The Man” Dr. Martian Luther King? Here we have “The Legacy” who was this civil rights leader and what did he do to advance this new metamorphoses in culture after the assimilation of Western cultures within the United States of people of African lineage.

The Monument
My modern cultural artifact is the Dr. Martin Luther King Memorial located on the National Mall near the Tidal Basin and the Roosevelt memorial. It has an iconic address of 1964 Independence Ave, SW Washington, DC 20024. The street number represents the Civil Rights Act of 1964 of which Dr. King played a large role in the legislation being passed and put into place. Here stands a 3 piece artifact of Dr. King, this statue is 30-foot tall and is carved from a piece of granite that symbolizes the "stone of hope." Two additional pieces of granite depict the "mountain of despair which reflects that victory can be borne from disappointment from his I have dream speech. It is inscribed with all around it the quotes of Dr. King from different times and speeches throughout his life. (Jia,2011)
Cultural Background
This man’s life and the fight he put up, only amplifies how…...

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