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Elements of early Greek and Roman Cultures: Government | Compare•Kings originally ruled both Athens, Greece and Rome | Contrast• Rome eventually formed a mixed form of Republican government, followed by emperors• Greece eventually changed to oligarchy, and then to democracy | Geographical Terrain | Compare• Both are located in the Mediterranean | Contrast• Greece was separated by hilly countrysides located by water• Rome was inland without natural hilly borders | Economics | Compare• Both Rome and Greece economies were based upon agriculture• Both major producers of wine and olive oil• Both had forms of coinage | Contrast• Romans farmed, while Greeks thought that it was degrading• Greece had slaves, but Rome was dependent on slave trades | Trade Practices | Compare• Both exported wine and olive oil | Contrast• Romans imported wheat as a staple, while Greeks used wheat as a household food | Art | Compare• Both are very well-known featured in museums across the globe | Contrast• Greek art is considered superior to Roman art • Greek sculptors goal was to create ideal artistic form, whilst a Roman artist goal to produce realistic portraits meant for decorating | Architecture | Compare• Both have buildings and structures that are still standing today, proving excellent workmanship• Both cultures architectures can be seen in courthouses in America through columns | Contrast•Greeks had three styles of architecture: Doric, Iconic and Corinthian• Each Greek building had a political purpose to celebrate civic power and pride• Romans adapted Greek Corinthian style so they could use it for their own cultural ideas• Romans used their architecture to show their power and bring new ways to bring people together | Philosophical Beliefs | Compare• Roman philosophy was built upon that of Greece | Contrast•...

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