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Cultural Value of Respect in Business Operations

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Cultural Value of Respect in Business Operations: A Case Study of Developing Communities
Institution of Affiliation

Chapter Two: Literature Review
A work environment that is respectful, reasonable, and that values individual differences is a central part of building a positive workplace culture. Casson (2005) asserts that promoting respect is a managerial aspect that oversees workers as it creates a respectful and positive workplace and, consequently, increased employee productivity. Respect at the workplace inspires respectful relationships, courtesy, and decent manners. On another angle, it ensures that employees stay updated with workplace information and consider and value other people’s positions (Casson, 2005). Regan (2004) defines respect as the fair treatment of employees and other stakeholders, fair valuation of contributions of each employee and consistency in the management of the company’s values. However, respect is viewed broadly under the cultural values that every society or business platform foresees. Accordingly, cultural respect has gone further to embrace the protection of human rights, the core driver of the corporates’ social responsibilities and transparency initiatives. Businesses have in the past integrated their cultural values, respect among them, in their endeavors (Regan, 2004).
Since diverse business cultures appreciate and recognize other cultures for efficient business transactions, a critical aspect of what respect accords them, the above aspects of culture are valued in organizations. Casson (2005) adds that, respect is a cornerstone of all business relationships as it ignites the thriving of such relationships. In this manner, the core relations that demand respect include the business and its customers, contractors, and networking agents. Consequently, business cultural respect influences customer...

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