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Culture Compentency

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According to the Finding Answers, Disparities Research For Change article, There are strategies and recommendations for responding to culture. These strategies are used to become more aware of and actively respond to patients cultural differences.These strategies include gathering information that help you learn about patients, building interventions and workflows on patients culturally based values, preferences, and perceptions. The strategies also include creating patient education materials, choose images and language that resonate with the target population and sustaining your organizations efforts to culturally tailor care.
One example that stood out to me relating to my own level and understanding of cultural competency is patient treatment/intervention preferences explaining that "culture can affect how a patient describes and conceptualizes disease symptoms, as well as overall treatment preferences." I understand this 100 percent because I come from a Haitian background and a lot of Haitians choose to refuse treatment because they feel that god heals and not medicines and for those with no particular God to pray to, they seek help with voodoo which is a black religious cult practiced in the Caribbean, combining elements of Roman Catholic rituals with traditional African magical and religious rites, and characterized by sorcery and spirit possession. I understand that religious play a big role in the way a patient perceives so it is important to know how to intertwine religion and treatment. Also knowing how not to react negatively to anyone's preference instead try to give alternatives and suggestions with being so passive aggressive.

Currently I am not working so I have not been able to apply anything to a workplace but this coming summer, I will be volunteering at Mount Sinai Medical Center and I plan to apply the element of understanding and accepting…...

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