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Culture Differences

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Culture Crossings Culture has a vast meanings, these include diversity, which is the quality of diverse cultures not just one single culture. Some cultures similar in ways as well as differ. This can be seen when cultures religions and customs are compared. Values and beliefs are what separate cultures apart from each other and bring them together in a way. What comes to mind first is religion and how different cultures have different religions. Such as someone who comes from a Jewish religion isn’t going to have the same practices as someone who comes from a Christian religion. With that being said, Judaism and Christianity share many aspects, including a common heritage and their look on the Old Testament, there is a fundamental division over Jesus identity and the implies for how Gods working his plan for mankind. I’m sure this all goes back through anthropology and how their cultures diverted from each other. However we see a lot of these culture religious beliefs in our everyday life. I have friends in my group of friends who are Jewish and Christian so I personally have seen culture differences. But it doesn’t make a difference because we are all still friends it just shows how religion has changed through the years and that no matter what socially its acceptable to associate with other people from different religions, no matter the beliefs. Culture is what sets diversity, because it’s what creates humans and groups whether it is religion or beliefs or even race. Human behavior can be misunderstood and indeed predicted if we know a person’s way of living. We Americans have patterns that we follow that another culture from a different country might not follow. For example someone from China will not have the same customs as someone from America and that’s because both countries have different culture living that goes way back in time. For example in...

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