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Culture Diversity in Criminal Justice

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Culture Diversity in Criminal Justice
Elaine Ramon
November 15, 2011
Sherry Caperton

Culture Diversity in Criminal Justice
Culture diversity is one of the many issues facing the criminal justice department, including police departments. Culture diversity is important to get over because of the cultural and religious differences it brings. Socializing and studying cultural diversity brings about a better understanding. The more we understand other cultures and religions, the more tolerant we become.
Throughout history in law enforcement all policemen were white, and especially no police women. Before the 1960s police departments were guilty of employment discrimination by not hiring minorities and women. Police departments also required applicants to be a certain height to keep minorities from applying and didn’t hire nonwhites (, 2011).
One of the first African Americans to be hired in the United States as police officer was in Jackson Tennessee in 1960. When James Cherry was hired as a police he was sure he would not be welcomed by the white community, but instead he was rejected by the black community. Although James Cherry was a police officer he still had to follow the segregation rules (Morris, 2003).
The first woman police officer was discovered to be in Chicago. According to Feminist Majority Foundation women were often hired to protect and supervise other women and juveniles. In 1893 Mary Owens was the first woman to be hired by the Chicago Police Department as a police officer. After World War II, the hiring of women as police officers doubled. In the 1960s women were allowed to expand their abilities having proved themselves to be equal to the men to go out on patrol (, 2009).
Because of the hiring issues of race and gender by police departments, the hiring process began to change and police...

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