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Culture in Sti College Sta. Rosa

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July 09, 2012

Culture in STI College Santa Rosa

This is my first semester in STI; a new school, new classmates, new friends and new professors. When I enrolled in this institution, I expect to gain more knowledge about the field I’ve chosen. I have to focus and be serious in one thing - study. In my former college, I felt pressured every time I study. I don’t see any enjoyment there so I loss my interest. Perhaps I just don’t fit in my course, but I didn’t give up. I keep trying to improve myself but it’s not enough, so I end up failing. I looked at the brighter side; I don’t let my failures ruin my dreams so I transferred to another school - STI. In my three weeks of staying in STI, I found out different cultures that the school has and compare it to my former school. In STI, one of the things that I'd noticed is that all of the professors I met are good-humored; comparing to my former school, most of my professors are serious-type and strict when it comes to studying, which pressures me. Another thing I observed is that STI has its own chapel where students, professors and other staff can go whenever they need it; in my former school, priest or pastors go there in the school every Friday and held their mass. Next that I notice is the grading system. In STI 60 is considered the lowest grade (which makes it 60-base) and is equivalent to 5.00; in my former school, 60 is the passing grade for minor subjects and 70 for major subjects and is zero-based, meaning if you do nothing, your grade will be zero and which is equivalent to 5.00. Then the attendance is one of the crucial factors included in the computation of grades; in my former school, attendance doesn’t have a bearing at all in terms of grade computation, but if we miss the class for seven meetings it is considered dropped. And lastly, STI has semesters as compared to my former school that has three terms in one school year. These are my observations in terms of culture here in STI. I hope to learned more about it and enjoy my staying in this institution.

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