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Assessing a Research Study
Sally Oxendine
March 30, 2016

The article that I found to be useful was Qualitative Research and its Uses in Health Care. This article was very interesting and I gathered helpful information that related to the characteristics of health related research. This article is based on describing detailed methods that identify different key elements that relate to health care and highlight different features that will discuss social and character dimensions. The Qualitative Research with health care has many different strategies and methods of care that has been research with relative and positive tactics of progressive health care resources. This article was really informative and beneficial as far as gathering key elements to the studies of Qualitative Research and the uses in health care. Qualitative research is defined as an umbrella term covering an array of interpretative techniques which seek to describe, decode, translate and otherwise come to terms with the meaning, not the frequency, of certain more or less naturally occurring phenomena in the social world (Al-Busaidi, 2005). The term umbrella is used to cover different areas around its surroundings. So the concept of Qualitative Research is designed to gather and cover the basics of health care and understand research data. Qualitative Research can also be used to study issues with doctor and patient type reaction and key elements that could be useful in developing a better environment within the hospital care. Another technique of study could be researching patient’s behaviors and the reactions from different obstacles while in the hospital. Studies concerning patients’ versus doctors’ agendas in general practice and general practitioners perceptions of effective health care are examples (Barry, 2000). The care of patients and loyalty to patients is what gets them to come back when they need to receive health care services. If a patient feels that they are receiving the best possible health care services from the doctors, nurses, and health care staff they will return back for services because they feel that will be taken good care of while in the hospital facility. The independent and dependent variables are designed to value that vary with attributes or characteristics and also based on structure and uses experiments and surveys. Qualitative Research studies also has a lot of data that is designed to be evaluated and thoroughly looked upon to gain different types of resources that will be beneficial for health care facilities, patients, and health care providers. The industry of health care services has many different types of perspective to review over and enforcing Qualitative research studies within the health care industry is a very good resource that will be resourceful and useful by simply using surveying, close research on different objectives and carefully maintaining data. Health field research is generally quantitative and based on biomedical traditions and experimental methods. In this field, qualitative research is criticized for being subject to researcher bias and for lacking reproducibility and generalizability (Mays, 1995). Many different researchers are able to answer questions that relate to Qualitative Research studies that could not have been answered previous by qualitative methods. It is a great and powerful resource that has and will continue to create new features with research and techniques from surveys, and new technology methods. Much advancement will occur continuously with positive reinforcement and continuing efforts to gain knowledge and skills for the health care industry. In conclusion, there are so many different types of methods that are used in reference to Qualitative Research studies that are highly used within the health care facilities. It is used for research and new types of technology that helps advances better care for the patients and also helps with the health care staff make a difference. Having quality of health care is the basic in providing the best possible services for patients that can be used with Qualitative Research studies. One of the valid ways is through patient surveys to get a good idea of the type of health care that they have received or would like to receive in the future. There can be research studies provided also to enhance the patient’s rights on different medications and to get an overview of whether they are receiving the best possible medications for their symptoms. In all retrospect Qualitative Research with health care studies is very logically and beneficial for the patients, health care facilities, and staff. This particular study is very popular and useful all at the same time the resource tactics are just rewarding and remarkable advanced.

Al-Busaidi Z. Rethinking Somatisation: The Attitudes and Beliefs about Mental Health in Omani
Women and Their General Practitioners. 2005. PhD Thesis, School of Community Health Sciences, University of Nottingham, UK

Barry CA, Bradley CP, Britten N, Stevenson F, Barber N. Patients Unvoiced Agendas in
General Practice Consultations: Qualitative study. BMJ. 2000;320:1246–1250.

Mays N, Pope C. Qualitative research: Rigour and qualitative research. BMJ. 1995;311:109–122

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