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I am a sophomore at the Indiana University Kelley School of Business Honors Program majoring in finance and I am writing to express my interest in being a summer intern at Cummins Inc. I was thrilled to learn about your Financial Analyst Internship Program on the Kelley Connect Website. Cummins fosters a sense of community among academically talented leaders, stimulates them and challenges them intellectually, and encourages the development of their leadership skills. It was my conversation with you that made me want to apply for this position. My record of schoolwork, involvement in an organization, and volunteer activities demonstrate attributes that make me a valuable employee.

Being born in a business family, the gene of entrepreneurship is deeply entrenched in me. My background, education and experiences have helped me to develop keen analytical and decision-making skills. As a summer intern, I was selected to work at Bharti Waters Pvt. Ltd India, a ground filtration company, where I gave advice on financial decisions using my knowledge of analyzing balance sheet and
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Most importantly, the past one year of my undergraduate degree at Kelley School of Business, Indiana University Bloomington has helped to broaden my horizon and lay the foundation for an enhanced learning experience in the core areas of business. As a Vice President of Kelley Portfolio Management Club, I have developed leadership skills. I learned to deal with people from different cultures and how to collaboratively work with them in a team. I believe that ability to manage people from different cultures makes me a perfect fit for the diverse environment offered at Cummins. The range of these accomplishments makes me more than a niche player, and translates into added value as a potential contributor to Cummins

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