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Cure Tooth Decay Book Description
Foreword By Timothy Gallagher D.D.S. President of the Holistic Dental Association

100% Real Dental Healing Testimonials
Leroy from Utah
Ms. Steuernol from Alberta , Canada
Mike from Ashland , Oregon
Pioneering Tooth Cavity Remineralization

Reaffirm Your Choice to Cure Your Cavities
The Real Cause of Cavities
Remembering Your Connection
Fear of the Dentist
How Conventional Dentistry Works
Conventional Dentistry’s Losing Battle Against Bacteria
The Failure of Conventional Dentistry
Chapter 1 References

Lack of Nutrition is the Cause of Physical Degeneration
The Healthy People of the Loetschental Valley, Switzerland
Modern Swiss were Losing Their Health
The Healthy People of the Outer Hebrides
Gaelics on Modern Foods are Losing Their Health
Genetics and Tooth Decay
Aborigines of Australia
Nutritive Values of Diets Compared
Fat-soluble Vitamins and Activators
Why Tooth Decay with Modern Civilization?

Weston Price's Tooth Decay Curing Protocol
Dr. Price's Protocol Summarized
Chapter 2 References

How Teeth Remineralize 101
Hormones and Tooth Decay
The Miracle of Vitamin D
Vital Fat-Soluble Vitamin A
Cod Liver Oil Heals Cavities
Weston Price’s Activator X
More Fat-Soluble Vitamin Sources: Bone Marrow, Brain, Kidneys, and Glands
Organs from the Water
Fat-soluble Vitamin Summary
Chapter 3 References

The Town without a Toothache
Deceptive Labeling
Pasteurization Kills Milk
Obtaining Raw Milk
Good Soup Heals Your Teeth
Blood Sugar
Protein for Your Teeth
Protein Assimilation...

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