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As per your request I am writing you a synopsis of my initial pages to my book and possibility political paper. Understand the tone, audience and meaning of the paper is to a specific group of people who are tired of the past 20 years of dialogue by bureaucrats to fix broken government, broken promises, and refusal to follow rules of governing. The paper is support by the ideals as set by our founding fathers the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution. It provides an list of well thought out Grievances, Enemies, Terms of Agreement, Officers and Ranks, Rules of Conduct and Engagement, Treaties and Policies, Resolve and initiates with for peaceful actions.
The paper explains and supports all claims made and then asks the reader to decide what type of country they wish to live in by answering for selves three questions, demands an answer and explains the resolve of the people.
1. Do you wish to live in a country where there are established rules of governing and laws for all the people or no rules of governing and only laws for the chosen people?
2. Do you wish to live in a country where there is freedom, choice, and free speech or as slaves to a government and tax payers for world affairs and quiet comical remarks of support for our constitution and bill of rights?
3. Are “We the People” of the “United States of America” a “Constitutional Republic” as stated by the US Constitution, the rules of governing or are we a represented democracy of which we the people have no say after we elect our officials with no right to challenge their authority, no right to impeach or correct their wrong doing, no right to question their irresponsible spending, and just be slaves of the tax burden set upon us?
That the recipients of this document must respond to this document by their undisputable approval or by their avowed changes comments and...

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