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Curleys's Wife

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|The quotation |How she is represented |Language devices used |
Deeper analysis | |Two |34 |‘Little bouquets of red ostrich feathers’ |As a lonely, isolated and un-wanted |Connotations, imagery, metaphor and |In this quote we can identify that Steinbeck is portraying Curley’s wife as an ostrich. Unable to fly, meaning CW can’t leave or escape the ranch. This represents that she is stuck and will never be able to leave. This goes back to portraying her as a lonely woman. It can also portray that she shows off and for that reason she is unable to leave because she no one would care in the outside world. | |Two |34 |‘For the rectangle of sunshine in the doorway was cut off’ |Obstacle, trap and as a distraction. |Connotations, imagery and descriptive language |Connotes that she is an evil character who cuts the hopes and dreams of innocent men such as Lennie and George. This is portraying the Curley’s wife is an evil character and warning us that George’s and Lennie’s dreams will always be cut off if she is in the way. | |Two |35 |‘But I have never seen no piece of jail bait worse than her’ |Whore and a trouble. |Connotations and imagery |In this quote Steinbeck shows what the ranch workers think of her. A girl who will get you in trouble due to her level in the hierarchy. | |Two |34 |‘Nobody can’t blame a person for looking’ |Flirty |Symbolism |In this quote it symbolises how the Curley’s wife is always pointing out the obvious. This is if someone like George is ignoring here he will look at here and then she will feel that she is getting attention. | |Two |35 |‘She was suddenly apprehensive’ |Scared |Symbolism
Portrayal |In this quote we see how the Curley’s wife is presented to be always scared of her husband’s presence. This shows how women in the 1930’s were presented. We can see this as she is worried because she is not allowed to...

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