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P2 - Describe the chain of command for one public service, including its uniform structure
Chain of command for the Fire and Rescue Service Helmet | Role | Role Collar Markings | | Fire Fighter | | | Crew Manager | | | Watch Manager | | | Station Manager | | | Area Manager | | | Brigade Manager | | | Deputy Brigade Manager | | | Assistant Brigade Manager | |
Uniform structure
Originally the first fire tunic was based on a “lancer” uniform with epaulettes and the rank marking based on cavalry insignia. The uniform itself “consisted of 12.5mm bars, horseshoes, straps and different thickness of chain mail.” Eventually during the 1960′s it was changed and the undress uniform insignia was used on “fire tunics”. When the next uniform was introduced it had no epaulettes consequently cloth ranks markings were used so that there was no need to puncture the water proof material. However the Fire and Rescue Services now fix the rank markings to the collar of their uniforms except were formal undress uniforms are used and then they use the epaulettes.

Describe how the chain of command works within the a service
The chain of command is essential within all uniformed public services in particular it is essential for the Fire Service. One reason for this would be discipline as it is necessary within a service like this because there isn’t time for people to argue or discuss how they’re going to complete a job. If a team of fireman were going at an incident, the ranked fireman would be in their places doing what higher ranks have told them to do and it makes them an effective team. It’s also important for the different ranks to respect they’re higher ranking colleagues because they have not only earnt it but are experienced enough to plan how they’re going to do something. This is why a clear ranking structure is used within services.

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