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Current Event Assisgnment
Tyler Roach

1. Baking Soda is the common name for Sodium Bicarbonate.

2. Chemical manufacturers and importers need to test the dangers of the chemicals and prepare the labels and MSDS sheets for them before they give them to the public. Also, all workers who are working with dangerous chemicals must have labels and MSDS sheets for their coworkers who are exposed to this chemical, and teach their coworkers a safe way to handle the chemicals properly.

3. They are difficult to trust because the information presented about the hazards may be vague, and users are not advised to rely on them without cross-checking.

4. I think Mrs. Ryan doesn’t give us the MSDS sheets for every chemical we use in the lab because we aren’t professionals in the chemistry field and there is a big chance we might read it wrong or misinterpret the information presented by the MSDS sheets.

5. The PH for deionized water is 7, which is neutral on the PH Scale. The substance is colorless, and the boiling point is 100 C or 212 F.

6. The water’s health and fire ratings make sense to me because water is such a simple, non-complicated liquid that it couldn’t possibly cause a fire, and it’s health would be 0 because there is nothing in it to possibly make it unhealthy.

7. A career where people must be aware of MSDS sheets is a chemist. They need to look at MSDS sheets every time they use a hazardous chemical, unless they already have the information memorized. If they don’t use one, and they think they remembered the information but they forgot, things can get very dangerous. That’s why most chemists use these sheets. They want something like a guide to help them handle the chemicals so they don’t get seriously injured or even die.…...