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Current Leadership

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In this paper the diverse leadership models will be focused upon, with theories along with the relevance to organizational success. Also defining the system theory and relevance of this biological construct to the business world. It continues by addressing how leadership theories evolved.

Transformational Leadership

Transformational leadership revolves around the implementation of new ideas, change, flexibility, adaptability, and continuous improvement. Transformational leaders possess the following characteristics: First, the leader has charisma. This characteristic is hard to define because no one really knows it until he experiences it. We can just be contented with defining it as something that inspires people to follow a leader with this characteristic. These leaders are seen as having special gifts or talents that make them able to influence people who are in distress. It is their personality, their skills and their presence that affect those who are in crisis or problem. These leaders can convince these affected members that their special gifts can alleviate their pain or solve their problem. When this happens, the members feel safer and directed and believe that the problem has been 'solved' and these leaders have an impact on their lives so they follow them. However, charisma involves dependency. Second, these leaders have vision. They can create a compelling picture of the future and make people develop commitment and a common goal in which achievement of that goal is a way to feel successful. Third, they can stimulate the intellect of their followers by presenting new ways of looking at the problems that have been there before and were not solved right away. The transformational leader creates a group of followers who follows him because they are inspired by his passion, vision, enthusiasm and energy. These leaders make...

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