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Current News Event: New Orleans Saints

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Current News Event: New Orleans Saints
1. Introduction
2. Organizational Values
3. Organizational Culture
4. Whistle-blowing
5. Conclusion

Today many organizations practice organizational values and culture. However, many times these values and cultures are not followed and sometimes a person has to take a matter in their own hands by whistle-blowing. However, a whistle-blower may be viewed as a traitor in which case it is advisable to seek legal advice before preceding to blow a whistle. Current sports news reported such an incident regarding the New Orleans Saints, at which the defensive coordinator has run bounty system and the coach turned the other way. According to CBS (2012) The National Football League (NFL) commissioner issued a harsh one year suspension to New Orleans Saints coach Sean Payton for his role in the team's bounty system that rewarded defensive players for laying injurious hits on opposing teams.
The NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell recently wrote, “The NFL’s commitment to the health and safety is not new at all, and is something that all of us have been actively pursuing for many years” (NFL, Health and Safety, 2010). When the word reached him of the New Orleans Saints violation of the organizations anti-bounty rules, Goodell was left with little choice but to come down hard on the team for exercising unethical practices that are contradictory to the NFL’s organizational values. In the aftermath, the decision that Commissioner Goodell would eventually make would shake the NFL down to its foundation. Sending both a strong message to players, coaches, fans and media that this type of conduct was unacceptable, as well as reinforcing his commitment to player safety and solidifying his objective of creating a safer NFL.
Furthermore, it is well known that the organizational cultures are the values and behaviors that influence a unique social and psychological environment in any organization. For years, the NFL has tried to embrace and blend those aspects into this great American sport. Especially, they are trying to support and to celebrate diversity; respect of the wide range of human differences and cultural backgrounds are emphasized by them. However, recently corrupt and immoral practices and behaviors were exposed in this organization-sport. These practices were properly sanctioned sending a direct message to the whole sport industry that this attitude will not be allowed and that it will be severely punished; although many experts believe that NFL's commissioner, Roger S. Goodell, has not issued fair punishment. Now rebuilding a new whole system and implementing new values will be NFL's next challenge in order to prevent future malpractices from the teams.
However, this news article on the NFL about changing its organizational values from allowing big hits for ratings, to protecting its players with new rules and regulations also covers whistle-blowing. The immoral actions of the Saints football team could have gone unnoticed if it was not for the whistle-blowing of one of the players. The NFL needs to act on these allegations to avoid the need for a player to become a whistle-blower. “How firms can be reorganized so as to preclude the necessity for Whistle-blowing is as pressing (if not more pressing) a question as asking when a person is morally obliged to blow the whistle” (DeGeorge 2010, p. xiii). The NFL issued severe punishments (one year suspension of the coach Sean Payton and the other parties involved may be dealt accordingly) to send a message across and to avoid future immoral acts such as this bounty incident.
Payton may not earn his salary during the ban, which begins April 1. This is the most severe sanction that anyone has seen in NFL history. The coaches violated the ethical code of conduct and the organizational structure of this organization was compromised because of greed by displaying lack of sportsmanship. The NFL commissioner acted in a harsh manner to protect the integrity of the NFL. “An effective performance management system is a key component of the ethical culture and plays as essential role in alignment or misalignment of the ethical culture”. (Trevino & Nelson, 2012, p. 277). The structure of NFL depends on the organization and goals they are trying to achieve. However, in this scenario the only goal upper management had for their players was to win and injure other opponents. This behavior is unethical and violates the code of conduct the NFL has established pertaining to safety, sportsmanship, illegal activity, and bribery.
When a scandal is presented to society in the form of misuse, the impact may release the type of tone within the culture and values of an organization that could have negative impact. When there are several individuals condoning such unethical behaviors to achieve monetary rewards, profits, and or even causing harm intentionally then the future of the organization is uncertain. “We are all accountable and responsible for player health and safety and the integrity of the game,’’ Goodell said. “We will not tolerate conduct or a culture that undermines those priorities” (Couch 2012). The whistle-blowing of unethical behavior and decision-making has particular qualities, which may create a doubtful sense of dishonesty and trust for everyone involved. Recovering from whistle-blowing may be hard especially if harm was imposed intentionally over a period. The consequences of whistle-blowing should not be taunted and ridiculed and individuals should recognize the integrity of an individual who decides to bring up the issue about unethical and immoral behaviors, which should be practiced within organizations.


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