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Proposed Activity for Fourth Semester Students
1. Introduction:-

■ In this activity students have to make presentation on Cases by analyzing them on different parameters (qualitative information and quantitative data) & solve them logically. Identify the course of action that management might take by keeping in mind the objectives of the organization.

2. Objectives of Activity:-

• To solve the cases by analyzing them on internal & external environment of the company / situation in given case.

• To provide solutions that assist organizations in managing the vast quantities of unstructured information that drive their businesses to profit by minimizing processing costs, ensuring legislative and regulatory compliance and providing security and accountability of information.

3. What is required to be done & how:-

• Student has to choose 9 cases individually of their choice. To choose the case they might also refer case study books, journals in our library & from Ebsco too.

• Students are expected to choose the cases from their respective specialization but there is no compulsion to it. Moreover the student has the freedom to choose cases relating to companies he / she wants to join after semester examination.

• Out of these 9 cases student has to give presentation on 4 cases while forming a group with one more student i.e. group of two students would be formed (which they can form by themselves). Out of the 18 cases selected by the two students in a group, each group has to present 4 cases (2 cases individually) using power point presentation in a structured format.

• Before giving the presentation student has to submit the hard copy of the presentation to the concerned faculty one day in advance.

• Time allotted for presentation would be minimum 20 minutes and maximum 30 minutes per case. In this period student has so first present the details of the case in maximum 10 minutes & further focus on solution in remaining part of presentation.

• Hard & Soft Copy Submissions:

|Group of Student |Hard copy submission (Xerox of full cases |Soft copy submission (scanned copies of cases|
| |selected with solution in prescribed format) |selected + solution in word file / scanned |
| | |copy of solution + PPT of 4 cases to be |
| | |presented) |
|Student – 1 |9 cases |9 cases |
|Student – 2 |9 cases |9 cases |
|Group of Above students |2 cases PPT by Student-1 and 2 cases PPT by Student-2 |

4. Steps To Pursue This Activity

1. Student has to get his / her group approved i.e. group of two students.

a. Once group is approved, it cannot be changed.

2. Student has to get 9 cases approved.

a. Once cases are approved, they cannot be changed.

b. Exactly same case(s) will not be approved for more than one student

3. Student has to give PPT for 4 cases (2 cases individually) in a group respectively.

4. Student have to get the cases scanned & then while submission he has to first add the case & then further solution to it respectively for all the 9 cases each & PPT for 4 cases of his/her choice presented.

5. Student have to do both hardcopy & softcopy submission in prescribed format & content mentioned below.

5. Format for Presentation of Cases & Submission:-

1. Introduction

2. Situation Analysis

3. Identification of Problems

I. Main Problem

II. Sub Problem

4. Development of Alternatives

5. Evaluation of Alternatives

6. Selection of the Best Alternative

7. Implementation plan

8. Recommendations.

9. Present Situation of the Cases (i.e. how far the case is valid in present conditions)

10. Your learning from the case

11. References & Sources ✓ Company’s Website ✓ Journals ✓ News Papers

6. DO’s

• You have to complete Presentation within 30-40 Minutes. • Data should be relevant with the cases & updated. • Analyze and compare the various strategies. • Need to explain each and every point of solution of cases. • Need to give working material. • You have to suggest some strategies • Opinion about the company should not be more than 8 to 10 line. • No second chance is given if it is copied. • You can add more relevant points other than given parameters. • You have to make one softcopy and one hardcopy for each of the 10 cases selected. • The header must contain: Pioneer Institute of Professional Studies Name: Roll No………….. Class: ………… • Your report should be MS Office 2003 format. • Font: Times New Roman • Font Size: 14 for Headings & 12 for Body of Paragraph • Margin: 1” (Top, Bottom, Left, Right)


■ Inadequately Defining the problem

■ Searching for the answer.

■ Assuming the case away.

■ Complaining of not having enough information

■ Recommending research or consultants.

■ Not thinking.

■ Relying too much on generalizations.

■ Postulating a different situation

■ Focusing too narrowly.

■ Abandoning realism

■ Rehashing case material

■ Getting discouraged

8. Presentation Evaluation Criteria

✓ Covered what she/he intended to cover. ✓ Displayed knowledge of topic. ✓ Was in control of subject matter. ✓ Use of professional language.


✓ Looked relaxed and confident. ✓ Controlled nervous hand movements. ✓ Used appropriate body language. ✓ Established good eye contact initially. ✓ Maintained eye contact throughout talk. ✓ Was aware of the audience response. ✓ Speaker’s movement and posture were relaxed.


✓ Quality content ✓ Original content


✓ Talk was well-timed. ✓ Time was divided appropriate.


✓ Pace was varied and not too rushed. ✓ Volume was appropriate. ✓ Intonation varied & appropriate. ✓ Pronunciation and articulation were clear. ✓ Grammar accurate. ✓ Gain attention and draw listeners into presentation.

Question responsiveness

✓ Ability to anticipate questions from the management team and to address the questions that they raise. ✓ Adequately answering the questions. ✓ Respond confidently.

9. Presentation Analysis Assessment Form

Name of Speaker: Date:

Name of Evaluator:

Evaluation Scale:1-2 = Poor; 3-4 = Fair; 5-6 = Average; 7-8 = Good; 9-10 = Excellent

|Parameters Of Evaluation |Score |Any Comment |
|Content |1.5 | |
| | | |
|Reliability & confidence |1 | |
| | | |
|Communication Skill |0.5 | |
|Question Responsiveness |1 | |
|Total Score | | |

10. Timelines

|SN |Step |Last Date |
|1 |Student has to get his / her group approved i.e. group of two students |15/02/2011 |
|2 |Student has to get 9 cases approved |15/02/2011 |
|3 |Date of Presentation & Submissions (tentatively from 15/02/2011) |As per schedule |
| | |notified |

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