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“Customer Based Brand Equity in Motor Bike Sector (Focusing on Bajaj Pulsar)”

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“Customer based Brand Equity in Motor Bike Sector (Focusing on Bajaj Pulsar)”



“Customer based Brand Equity in Motor Bike Sector (Focusing on Bajaj Pulsar)”


Abdullah Mohammed Ibrahim Assistant Professor
Department of Business administration
Northern Bangladesh University


|Name |ID |Section |Semester |
|Subrata Karmakar |BBA 080202759 |B |Spring 2011 |
|Nazmul Hasan Zubran |BBA 060101625 |B |Spring 2011 |
|Kaniz Fatema Sharmin |BBA 080160685 |B |Spring 2011 |
|Tanvir Ahmed Masud |BBA 110104010 |B |Spring 2011 |
|Saifur Rahman Abir |BBA 110104013 |B |Spring 2011 |

Date of submission: 07th April, 2011


This report is prepared on the basis of the assignment given by Abdullah Mohammed Ibrahim assistant professor of Northern University Bangladesh. It was a wonderful experience while working on the Customer based Brand Equity in Motor Bike Sector. At first my thanks go to the almighty God and than to my lecturer. A great number of people have made significant contributions in preparing this paper. I am heavily indebted to all of them. I am expressing my immense gratitude to all of them who have extended enormous support, guidance and speared their…...

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