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Customer Behavior Apple Product in China

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This is the full dissertation on The purchasing behaviour of Apple products between Chinese students (12000 words).

Executive summary
This research focuses on determining the factors which influence the buying behaviour of the customers Chinese students for Apple products. The research was conducted among around 1000 contacts out of which 130 students responded. The research used survey method to collect information from the large audience. The analysis of the information was conducted using SPSS while the survey questions were developed with the help of the literature review which was conducted by review different academic journals. The review of the literature pointed out that there are a number of factors which affect the buying behaviours of customers and that Apple had knowledge about all these factors due to which it was so popular among the Chinese customers. It has been pointed out from the analysis of the information that there are different factors which influence the purchase intention of the Chinese customer such as the quality, brand, design, technology and the functionality. All these are the main focus for Apple products due to which they are so popular among the Chinese customers. It has however been pointed out that price is a significant deterrent and has an adverse impact on the customer buying behaviour. Apple products are significantly expensive in comparison to the competitor products due to which consumers are unable to afford it. The research also suggested those Chinese customers who were using Apple products were extremely happy with the product that they had recommended it to their family and friends. Thus it is evident that the Chinese customers are influenced with the product quality and brand of Apple Inc. It has been recommended in the research that the company needs to focus on product development and price reduction. Customers are...

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