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I have been asked to produce a report which evaluates the customer care strategy of an organisation of my choice. I have chosen British Telecom better known as BT, the world’s oldest communications company. I have chosen this as my organisation because they are such a high profile company in the communications industry with a lot more experience than their competitors and there for, potential customers naturally expect a high standard of products and services from a provider like this. This choice of organisation was also based on the fact that I used to work for BT. Although I was trained to believe that BT offered high quality products and services at a reasonable price and most of all a high standard of customer service compared to its competitors, these first impressions were soon forgotten after dealing with customers directly as many were not happy with the providers customer service and most of all communication skills ironically.

BT has a mission statement supporting the high quality service they claim to provide to their customers and that is "connecting your world, completely". The meaning behind this statement according to is “Our mission revolves around a total dedication to the quality of service and experience our customers receive from us: BT Retail is a customer-centric distribution business that will grow shareholder value and deliver an excellent, continuously improving, customer experience. We will provide differentiated solutions and a tailored service to our customers, build new routes to market and manage profitably our developing products and services portfolio. We will excite and engage our people to maximise the value they create for themselves, our customers and the communities in which they work.” Although this quote fits the mission statement that BT has set out for their customers to expect when purchasing from them, this is...

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