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Cosmetics line is always popular in our daily lives, especially for the ladies. There are variety of cosmetics brand in the market nowadays, and we as consumer have the choices to choose in the big cosmetics market. As the cosmetics market grow bigger, these cosmetics brand are selling more than products but also services. Their service are moving more towards to customer-oriented so that they could meet the needs of customer thus gain customer loyalty towards their brand.
This brings me to the core of my assignment, which is to identify and analysis the communication activity of the cosmetics brand and recommend a better customer-oriented communications for the brand. I have choose The Body Shop as my main subject.

1.0 Introduction of Organisation
The Body Shop is solely franchisee by Rampai-Niaga Sdn Bdn in West Malaysia. There are more than 64 stores operating in the western Malaysia. The Body Shop is driven by values, high quality skin and body care retailer for natural inspired skin and body care products. The Body Shop is authority in developing 100% Vegetarian personal care products. The company only use a few products that are animal-derived ingredients such as honey. All products cruelty-free as endorsed by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) and the products are not tested on animals.

The Body Shop strongly believe that true beauty...

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