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Customer Relationship Management (Crm) of Air Asia

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Customer Relationship Management is a concept used by the organization to manage the relationship with customers, including collecting, storing and analyzing customer information. CRM supports a company to provide service to customers in real time with a relationship with customers. Based on what is known of the customer, companies can create variations of supply, services, programs, messages, and media through the system that implement CRM, the company formed a closer relationship with customers, which the company can know the needs of customers and provide a choice of an appropriate product or service with their request.

CRM is useful to help management better understand the customer. This is will enhance the ability of the company in targeting customers. CRM allows the selection of marketing more effective. That is will reduce costs and simultaneously enhance the effectiveness of a campaign. CRM will ultimately help companies improve profitability through a focus on handling high-value customers.

In recent years, establishing a direct relationship with customers is one key to success is good for a company. As done by the AirAsia airline. AirAsia is a low-cost airline based in Kuala Lumpur International Airport. The leading airlines in Asia was established with a dream to make everyone can fly by plane. Since 2001, AirAsia has been breaking norms smoothly travel the world and has improved its position to become the best in the world. With a route network stretching across more than 20 countries, AirAsia continues to build cost-effective path to flight with innovative solutions, efficient processes and approach to the business world is full of spirit. AirAsia ready to bring the concept of flying a cost-saving to a new level with the slogan: “Everyone Can Fly”.

AirAsia have been utilizing internet facility which is not foreign to the general public. Of...

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