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Customer Service at Glen.Com

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Explain how adjusting the customer service level could improve a marketing mix. Illustrate
Marketing mix is a mixture of product, place, price and promotion that are called the 4P’s.In our corporate culture, every product has to go through this process of marketing. But the major issue with this marketing mix is that it doesn’t cover the satisfaction of the customer. It is only focused on how a product should be place or promoted and where to be placed. but it doesn’t include what a customer needs and demands. Due to a huge advancement in the field of science and technology, this usual marketing mix has to amend a little and should discuss what a customer wants.
Role of customer services in a marketing mix:
In order to make it customer oriented we have to develop understanding of different functions and how they can function in different industries:
1) Customer is very important: In order to give satisfaction to the customers, the product has to be made according to the needs and demands of the customers..People will buy only those products which they need or anything that is suited to their own nature. For example customers can invest themselves in doing environment friendly tasks
2) Convenience: convenience matters a lot in case of the customers. People will buy products from the place which is convenient for them rather than the distributors. No matter how advance your distribution network is, if a product is not convenient for the customers to buy, they will not buy it. They can function it in doing different trades and investments anywhere like online trading service or through mobile investment.
3) Cost: cost of any product is important for the customers. They have nothing to do how a product has come out, how costly was the raw material, how expensive was the process of making it. All they care about is the cost of that end product which they have to...

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