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Customized Learning Theory

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Customized Learning Theory
Eric L. Maddox
Liberty University

According to Slavin (2012), Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences suggests the learning objectives and lessons should be in a variety of ways and he also lists nine intelligences. The educational system has revised the curriculum so teachers are encouraged to use many different teaching strategies within the class to include music, cooperative learning, role play (hands-on), discussion and many other strategies. This paper seeks to focus on incorporating games into the modern classroom and curriculum as a strategy for student learning following the 21st Century learner profile. The paper also examines playing games in classroom and its effects on the students’ communication skills. My customized learning theory involves playing games during a 90 minute learning block, but also using the brain-based strategies suggested by Dr. Marcia Tate in order to keep the class actively engaged.
Understanding learning theories are vital to the classroom teacher and also to the student learner. The students in the modern day classrooms are very different from the 1990 to 2002 school students. The modern-day students think their lives revolve around cell-phone usage and technology; however, previously the students were taught lecture style. Many theories have been created to address how students learn and think; therefore, teachers have to be cognizant of the different ways to reach learners. Not every student will learn the same, so teachers must make the extra effort to analyze each student to make sure they are being taught in a language they will understand. The basic learning theories surround behavioral (consequence of behavior), cognitive (conditional mental circumstances or the chain of internal activities associated with learners), and constructivist (real world learners) theories.

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