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Cutlral Sythinrism


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This essay will focus on the differences in types of encounters and the degrees of cultural change have left on the world today and what are the legacies of cultural change. You could almost call this the evolution of societies and cultures through cultural encounters. The first step of globalization actually began with the encounters of cultures. In the last few weeks leading to this week’s assignment is we discussed how early civilization influenced each other we seen how the Roman and Greek civilizations had an impact on each other to some degree. We are now exploring how specific countries have all seen and dealt with the topic of cultural syncretism.

Cultural Syncretism
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What cultural factors caused the differences in outcomes? Some of the cultural factors that caused the different outcomes that the Westerners encountered in both China and India are that they each had very different beliefs. Each culture had its own power, control or dominance (Sayre, 2010). In China, the Chinese would have rather stayed isolated that to be influenced by the Mongolians. In the Song dynasty prospered with their production of iron and therefore their government ended up being controlled by the merchants, they were extremely wealthy. They also had intelligent citizens due to the fact that they had an advance on their printing. They were able to print books and these books helped them get ready for their exams. The Chinese culture became very strong and was very dominate and did not accept change. Their religious beliefs were different as well. During the medieval period in the West, it seemed as if China was in danger from the North’s nomadic tribes (Sayre, 2010). As this takeover took place they had to give up and work with the ones who took over their homeland, they were called the Mongols.

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