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Cven4030/4031 Honours Thesis a & B

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CVEN4030/4031 Honours Thesis A & B
Semester 1 & 2, 2014

COURSE DETAILS Units of Credit Contact hours Course Coordinator and Lecturer 6 as agreed with supervisor Associate Professor Ian Turner email: office: Room 302 in Civil and Environmental Engineering Building phone: 807 19829 (Water Research Laboratory, Manly Vale) Topic Supervisor as nominated

Additional Lecturers

INFORMATION ABOUT THE COURSE This course is in two parts. CVEN4030 covers Part A in the first Semester of enrolment, which is a prerequisite for CVEN4031 Part B which is undertaken in the following Session. Prerequisite: Only students having a weighted average as set by the School (currently > 63%) in all courses in Years 1, 2 and 3 will be permitted to undertake the honours thesis. In addition, all courses to the end of Year 3 in the discipline of the thesis topic need to be completed.

HANDBOOK DESCRIPTION The thesis may describe directed laboratory, investigatory, design, field or research work on an approved subject and will be completed under the guidance and supervision of a member of the academic staff. This subject must be satisfactorily completed by all students wishing to obtain an honours degree. Online Handbook description is available at MyUNSW:

PROCEDURE FOR SELECTION AND CONFIRMATION OF A THESIS TOPIC (CVEN4030)  Browse online the selection of available topics and identify potential supervisors Note: It is unlikely that this list is fully up to date and comprehensive – it is strongly advised that individual students approach School teaching staff in area(s) of potential interest, to explore the range of possible thesis topics that may be...

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