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cw 105 The controversial essay topic I have chosen is welfare. Citizens all over the country have their certain views on this topic. Depending on their political or personal circumstances, people form their own opinions. Some may be for welfare; other may be against the program. I am very interested in hearing the different stances on welfare and how certain groups of people feel about it. After thinking about the multiple perspectives on this topic, I narrowed it down to three perspectives. The first being the more liberal view, the second view from welfare recipients, and the third from libertarians. As we may know, welfare has been found to be a very debatable topic. Welfare has been around for many decades now and was created to aid those who had little to no income. Many believe that people abuse welfare by not looking for jobs, not marrying to have greater benefits, and purposely having more children to extend their aid. Eligibility for welfare is based on many factors. It is based on income, family size and medical issue or situations, etc. I thought it would be a good idea to compare two different political parties viewpoint on welfare. Someone with a more liberal mindset is going to have a totally different view and perspective than a libertarians view on welfare. I figured it would be resourceful to compare two opposing views. With the perspective from a welfare recipient, it will be a lot more insightful and interesting to receive a point of view from someone who is involved with the program. Hearing a point of view from someone who is in that situation will result in a more personal view from experience. Someone with a more liberal mindset supports welfare. They also support long-term welfare. They believe that welfare brings fairness to the American economic life. They believe it is a device for protecting the poor. Most...

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