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Cyber Bullying- Should Schools Be Held Responsible

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Cyber Bullying- Should Schools be Held Responsible

We’ve all heard the saying “stick and stones can break my bones, but words can never hurt me.” Sure words don’t hurt physically, but to those who have been or are currently victims of cyberbullying words can be the difference between life and death. Technology such as smart phones, tablets and the internet allows students spend more time being connected. With this cyberbullying is becoming more frequent. Texting, instant messaging and over the social networks are just a few ways that the cyberbullies can reach their victims. A few of the forms of cyberbullying are harassment, cyberstalking and impersonating their victim. Cyber bullying has become a serious problem amongst teens. The victim can begin to feel inadequate and self-conscious causing the victim to become depressed to the point of committing suicide. In the past the cyberbully had no consequences to their action. Two such cases are addressed in this paper. States are now passing laws to address this issue and making schools responsible for developing anti-bullying policies.

Cyber bullying- Should Schools be held responsible
Matt was on both the Citizenship and Honor Rolls in Middle School. Voted by his eighth grade classmates to have the best smile, the best personality, and most likely to become an actor (Eppling, 2006). Taylor was a soccer player, a soloist in the school choir, and on the volleyball team. Although she was taller and a little larger than others her age she was beautiful. These are just two real examples of teens that were bullied to the extent of finding life too hard to continue on. With social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram, public bullying has emerged. This is known as cyberbullying and has become a controversial issue.
Who is responsible for the bully’s actions? Some feel...

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