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Cyber Ethic

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According to Barquin (1992), cyber ethic guidelines consist of Ten Commandments which are: (1) Thou shall not use a computer to harm others, (2) Thou shall not interfere with others computer work (3) Thou shall not snoop around in others computers files, (4) Thou shall not use computer to steal, (5) Thou shall not to bare fall witness, (6) Thou shall not copy or use proprietary software you have not paid for, (7) Thou shall not use others computers resources without authorization or proper compensation, (8) Thou shall not appropriate other people’s intellectual property, (9) Thou shall think about the social consequences of the program you are writing or the system you are designing (10) Thou shall use a computer in ways that ensure consideration and respect for your fellow humans. These commandments or rules need to be obeyed by everyone who utilizes the cyber space facility in order to maintain the tranquility of cyber world. However, not everyone concern about these rules as we seen nowadays. In order to prevent plague from spreading and become worse in future, we have to identified the root cause of the problem and define how to solve it.

The first commandment explained that it is not ethical to harm another user by using computer and it is not limited to physical injuries but also harming or damaging other user data or files. It is unethical to create a programmed that deliberately allows someone to steal, copy, or gaining unauthorized access to others data. The waywardness to this commandment is the main reason why unethical behavior such as hacking, spamming, cyber bullying and phishing occurs in our society.

The creation of computer viruses, which are purposely to harm useful computer program or interfere with the normal function of the computers, is unethical practice in cyber world ad...

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