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Cyber Security in Business Organizations

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Cyber Security in Business Organizations 1

Cyber Security in Business Organizations
David Hodges
Strayer University
Dr. Richard Brown
May 14, 2015

Cyber Security in Business Organizations 2
This paper will assess the importance of information management in the insurance industry. How information management has help overall change the marketplace. The essential role of enterprise architecture in the industry will also be discussed and how it contributes to management decision making. Different data storage options for the industry will be discussed alone with the functions and which provides the best possible support for the industry overall.

Cyber Security in Business Organizations 3

Due to the increased use of information and communication technologies in business organizations to today, the incidents of computer abuse has increase exponential. It has become increasingly difficult to protect customer information and company asset. Some of the challenges in security business organization have when it comes to breach includes the following: unauthorized users get access to computer systems and disclose confidential information, unauthorized users change the information held in computer and server systems, unauthorized users copy information that resides in a computer system or while the data is in transmission mode. “Herley In many forms of non-financial cybercrime the attacker succeed once he gains access. Often getting the celebrity’s password, control of the Webserver, or the file of customer records is the end; once he is in he is done. A few...

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