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- I. Introduction
Cyber Software Inc.’s CEO, Joseph Jackson, is worried about the expansion and future of the company. Previously one of their clients, Baltimore City Government, was hacked giving the hacker(s) access to over hundreds of client’s credit cards. Even with Cyber Software Inc.’s quick action, two hundred and seventy five individuals were still affected. Worried about the wellbeing of the company, Mr. Jackson is looking to revise their current vision and mission, as well as restructure their new program development and customer service divisions. II. Mission and Vision Statement
Prior to being able to establish a new structure for the company, vision and mission statements are needed to establish a foundation for direction. “It is important to get employees on board with the decision making process. This can be articulated through the mission and vision statement…” (Hawthorne, n.d.).
New Mission Statement: Providing the most innovative and up to date around the clock cyber security, and satisfactorily customer service to our clients
New Vision Statement: Pioneering cyber security services and protection by adapting to daily cyber environmental changes and technology
With the revised vision and mission statement, Cyber Security Inc. has a new foundation set to assist in a proper path when planning. There are three main planning functions that must be considered when setting a direction for the organization, strategic, tactical, and operational. Strategy planning is the long term results of the company, but tactical planning divides out the steps to accomplish or reach that long term goal. (Boundless, n.d.). Mr. Jackson can now establish long term and medium term goals and plans based off the newly revised vision statement. With the new course of action in place he must now establish a proper management system to ensure the company’s goals and plans stay on track and are met. III. Organizational Structure
Mr. Jackson previously explained his “free work environment” is essentially wasting resources and multiple employees are engaging on the same projects, further wasting money. Mr. Jackson should establish a more hierarchy structure with his company; as the CEO he will sit at the head of the table and drive his company. Mr. Jackson should delegate Foreman to both the new program development division and the customer service division. In the program development division, below the Foreman will be two separate teams, but both under the supervision and guidance of the Foreman. One team will be specific to the current clientele of the company and the second team will be the four new program developers specific to developing new programs. On the customer service side, the Foreman will also have two teams under them. Both teams will be divided of one programmer, one specialist, and one paralegal. In doing so, each team will have one specific subject matter expert to cross talk with. All teams will be able to communicate through each other, but only the Foreman will have approval for final decision making processes based on their division’s needs. The needs will be provided clearly by the CEO. Foreman and CEO will have direct line communication, Foreman and Staff will have direct line communication, and staff will have direct line communication amongst each other but only in their respective divisions. The hierarchy is best suited for the company because it gives a direction from top down, there’s no question as to what needs to be done, and it alleviates the problem of who works on what and when it needs to be done, and it separates tasks to individuals based on strength of practice. (Management2, n.d.). With the needs of the company to stay on top of the technological world, and the addition of two new divisions to the company, Mr. Jackson as the CEO should establish more of a bureaucratic environment to allow the divisions to grow correctly to the needs of the company. After that has happened, he could potentially restructure the company and change up the management organization again.
Mr. Jackson currently has a free environment workplace, free from any bureaucracy and it’s safe to assume he currently has a more flat structured organization. Flat structures are known to not only be less bureaucratic but also more staff involved, cost efficient, and allow for greater communication. They are inappropriate for his company as they potentially set up the organization to waste resources, some decisions fall into limbo or they are approached from different employees. (Organisation, n.d.). A flat structure also proves to hold no middle management, there is no communication between staff and higher management, essentially driving the direction of the company nowhere. (Meheen, n.d.).

Hierarchy Structure for Cyber Software Inc.

IV. Organizational Culture
After the organizational structure has been set, Mr. Jackson must set the tone of the company and establish a culture. The organizational culture will instil a different mentality of the work place, to some degree, giving direction to work ethic and morale. (John, n.d.). Since Mr. Jackson wants a little more control of his company, all the while delivering his clients the most top of the line cyber security and customer care, the culture he should most likely go for is that of a market culture. A market culture doesn’t just indirectly push towards a structured introverted work force, but it concentrates more so on the output and deliverance of top of the line product to their customers. Customer satisfaction is just as important as internal order and reward. (Minds, n.d.). Mr. Jackson explains how his current, free from bureaucracy, work environment is wasting him money. He wants to change the structure of the company all the while giving his clients the most top of the line cyber security and customer satisfaction. A market culture will help set that exact tone within the new divisions of the work places. V. Organizational Structure and Culture
By revising the new mission and vision statement of Cyber Security Inc. they’re given another new path, a set of core values almost. Along with the revision of the mission and vision statements, a new management structure must be set to ensure the current problems do not once again take place now. By setting up a hierarchy structure, Mr. Jackson can now divide out his wants and needs of the company, based on his customer’s needs. In doing so he can establish a new set of goals that must be adhered too to drive the company in the direction he deems fit. With the need for the company to grow to keep up to par with the new technology being produced, and the revision of the mission and vision, they can start planning long term, short term, and day by day operations to achieve planned tasks and goals. By sending out tasks through his foreman to divide the proper work to their best suited employees, he can ensure that the work won’t just get done, but it’ll get done in a timely manner to a degree satisfactorily to their customer’s needs. But having a structured and well-oiled company isn’t enough if the culture and mannerisms of the employees don’t collaborate with the company’s. So by switching up the company’s culture to a more market culture, they can tend to the necessities of their clients. In doing so, it sets the company’s tone and helps build the morale of the individuals working within the company. It does so by guiding the employees to a different set of work ethics portrayed by the new culture. By combing the new mission and vision, the organizational structure, and the organizational culture, Cyber Security Inc. will have a better suited foundation to stay on path with the new planned tasks and goals that have been set forth. Furthermore, they’ll be able to put the money they were wasting before on more necessary purchases towards the company.
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