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Cyber Stalking Case Report

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Cyber Stalking is defined as a distinctive form of criminal activity composed of a series of actions that is taken individually might form an illegal behavior. (The free dictionary , 2013-2015). In this report I’m going to discuss about the history and background of Cyber Stalking and how did it grow and developed, moreover about the present situation of Cyber Stalking and the illustration, in addition of some of the Federal laws that deal with online stalking.
There is lack of information on the history of Cyber Stalking, but it is very evident that inception cyber stalking possibility of stalking on the internet is very real (Pittaro, 2007).
Growth and development
Cyber stalking has increased over the years with the growth of new technology, and the new ways of stalking victims have invented. For instance, a disgruntled employee is easily poses on their boss on social network sites and post messages that explicit: We have the spouse that uses the GPS to track the movements of their better half. It is obvious that even the police are not safe from this crime as we have gang members or other organized criminals finding the addresses of police officers from the internet and threaten them (Sankary, 2006)
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The first reason is the communication technological adoption steep. These days, it shows that 50 percent of America’s schools and 80 percent of their classrooms are estimated to have internet writing. There is a close of gender gap regarding access and utilization since the increase in use of access and the opportunity in showing the human dark side relations (Emily,

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