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Cyberattacks As society begins to move out of an age of pen and paper and begins to move towards a virtual age where data is stored in digital data center, the security of the valuable information is at a much greater risk. This new collection of massive amounts of data, whether it be government secrets, credit card information, social security numbers, or social media accounts could possible be another target for hackers. With all these types of information online, Hackers or Cyberterrorists can affect certain things by initiating a cyber attack. But what is a Cyberattack? It is an “attack on computer based systems to sabotage, destroy or to spy on others, through such means as viruses, hacking, denial-of-service attacks.” [Jannson] For example, one method is DDoS, which would make the victim’s machine inaccessible to them. If these Cyberattacks are politically motivated, then the conflict is named Cyberwarfare. It is well known that confidential or personal data of any type in the wrong hands could have catastrophic effects on whoever the victim shall be, whether it be a single person, family, company, corporation or even the government. But what happens in an instance where the government is being targeted by Cyberterrorists or Hacktivists, (a.k.a social activists that hack) are their actions considered Acts of War? There are multiple sides to this argument, both having very strong points and back up the support their main argument. A popular argument is that cyberattacks are no different than any other attack. But this is not entirely true because of the fact that the definition of an Act of War is that it allows countries to retaliate. However, if it was recognised as an Act or War, this give the go ahead for the victim to retaliate however they would like, this gives the an opportunity of an armed attack in defense, which in turn can result in a loss of…...

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