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Cybercrime Law, Regulation, Effects on Innovation

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Cybercrime Law, Regulation, Effects on Innovation

Human Aspects in Cybersecurity: Ethics, Legal Issues, and Psychology
CSEC 620 9024
Summer Semester May 18, 2015

Table of Contents Introduction 1 The Role of the Government in Protecting National Security 1 Acceptance of Government Intervention on Protecting National Security 2 Reaction to the Security Intervention on the Private Sector 3 Impacts/Effects of Government Regulations to Private Industries 4 Compliance Measures to Protect National Security 5 Responsibility to Protect National Security 5 Conclusion 6


Government has the responsibility to protect its national security and citizen. This could be done by providing policies and procedural guidance to private industries. This relationship between government and private industry are not conflict immune as the balance between protecting the national interest and invading privacy is in question. Senior management from the private industry caught in between making the right decision to protect their customer or investing in cyber security. This research paper covers the impact of government regulations, security laws, and legal concepts on the private sector to protect national security and its interpretation and acceptance by the public.

The Role of the Government in Protecting National Security

The US government invested a lot to protect its critical infrastructure from cyberattack by creating and implementing policies and procedures for private sectors. The executive branch of the government led by the Department of Homeland Security with close cooperation with other agencies including the National Institute of Standard and Technology (NIST) create mandatory policies and enforces their implementation by the private industry. This change was as a result of the September 11, attack where over 16 law...

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