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In the article “ Cyberbullying: A Growing Problem” posted on Science daily, they discuss cyberbullying and how it is really affecting middle school students. Their are many ways in which a adolescent can be cyberbullied. It can happen through SMS on mobile phones or websites and it quickly can spread all over the web, it is also often difficult to get rid of because you do not always find the perpertrator. The author’s purpose of the article was to inform others about cyberbullying, because it is usually neglected and not taken seriously in society. 10 percent of all adolescents in grades 7-9 are victims of cyberbullying. The article included several quotes from Professor of Psychology at the University of Gothenburg Ann Frisen. She stated that cyberbullying is more serious than the conventional bullying people are aware of due to the fact that once the victim goes home they are no longer feeling threatened by bullies. But with cyberbullying, it can go on for days at a time even when the victim is unconscious of what is going on on the web. In a society where technology plays a major role in normal life, it is so simple to become a victim of the harassment. Mobile phones with Internet web browsing capabilities are very popular amongst most adolescents, and cyberbullies will usually rely on an SMS or email through their mobile phones to spread their message as fast as possible to ensure the victim is embarrassed before the end of the school day. Once that message is sent it is practically a domino effect because the message spreads like wild fire all around the student body and even to other schools. A typical cyberbully in my opinion is usually one of the popular students at school. Since they are known all over the school they can easily pick on a student and most of the time, the rest of the student body joins in on the...

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