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Cyclone Grinder Discussion Questions

1. The role of Project Lightning in Ingersoll Rand’s corporate strategy was to change the overall scope and direction of the corporate focus from making a tool grinder that was just as good and cost less than their competition to switching the focus to what the customers want.
They did this by working together as a team. Prior to this project most companies did not create a team that was value focused but was more departmentally focused. They only looked at what their group would or would not add, for example, the project engineer would have never meet with customers. In the past, they did not see any value added to that experience or how it would add value to the project and how that might change the direction of the project. In this case, it took a team looking at how to build a superior grinder mechanically to building a new grinder with new ergonomic designs they had never thought of, all due to their customers input.
The new strategy also gave the team all of the corporate resource. It was the corporation sole focus and according to the article it gave the team, project feasibility. In my experience, many corporations have employees on many different teams which can hurt and limit the project team’s effectiveness, mainly in time effectiveness to delivery on time. Jim Halton had that concept as part of his project objective, “The price of time and the importance of having a vision of the project’s...

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