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IT 340: Final Project
Newton Ad Agency

IT340: Network and
Telecommunication Management
To: Newton Ad Agency, Management Team
From: Computer Network Enterprises, Bethany A Schub (IT Business Analyst)
RE: Networking Proposal

Thank you for the opportunity to work with your company. As requested, we have evaluated your company’s business and technical networking requirements. Our analysis is based on current industry products that will provide your company with fast and reliable networking capabilities.
Newton Ad Agency has three locations. The main headquarters are located in Austin, TX. A satellite office is located two miles away from the main headquarters and is in clear line of sight between the two offices. The third location is in New York, NY. It is imperative that NY be able to share files with the TX office. The NY office will also require the use of a web server so that its clients can download large media files quickly.
IP Address Assignments
Main Headquarters, Austin, TX
For the Austin, TX site, since there are 500 hosts both wired and wireless, I would separate the IP assignments into 2 separate groups: approximately 250/250. To do this I would assign the IP assignments as follows: through for all the wired hosts and through for all wireless hosts. This location will also need a router. The subnet mask for these locations will be
Rural Satellite Office, Austin, TX For the Rural Satellite Office site, since there are 200 hosts, I would apply the IP Assignment in one group. To do this I would assign the IP assignments as follows: through This location will also need a router. The subnet mask for these locations will be
New York Office, New York, NY...

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