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Have you had any previous experience traveling or living outside the US? (*)

I have not lived outside the United States; however, I have traveled internationally. In 2010, I visited India for three weeks to visit my husband’s family. During this time, we lived in the homes of our family members in various villages and cities throughout the country including: Ahmedabad, Mount Abu, Pune, Delhi and Mumbai. Additionally, in 2007, my husband and I vacationed in Greece for two weeks staying in Athens and Greek Islands. Lastly, I have taken smaller vacations in several Caribbean countries and Mexico.

Through these vacations, I came to appreciate the unique cultures and values of the people that I met. Despite the contrasting lifestyles and material wealth I witnessed in each country compared to what is in the US, I also saw how similar my values and beliefs are to those I met. In each case, the people I met helped make me a more well rounded person. I only wish I could have stayed longer.

2. Do you have any foreign language skills, either reading or conversational? (*)
Currently, I would characterize my knowledge of Spanish as: Speaking = conversational, Listening = basic, Writing = conversational.

I studied Spanish in high school and was fortunate to have the opportunity to complement my studies with the knowledge that came from conversing with the Latin American employees of my father’s various farming operations in their native language.

After, moving away from home to attend college, I continued to study Spanish; however, I quickly realized that my knowledge and application of the language was deteriorating, as I was unable to use it in real-life situations everyday.

4. What activities have you pursued to familiarize yourself with the culture of the country? (*)

Prior to business school, I worked for a large packaging distributor based in…...

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