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D Day Invasion

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The invasion of D-Day The invasion of D-Day was a very important battle during World War II. It was the battle in which the Allies landed on German-controlled beaches in an attempt to gain the upper hand on Hitler and the Axis powers. For me, I learned about the Axis and Allies through playing old WWII video games a s a kid, but not many people actually know what these two words mean or consist of. The Axis powers were the bad guys and consisted of Germany, Italy, and Japan. Oddly enough, Italy switched over to the Allied powers later in the war. The Allies were the supporters of the U.S., the good guys. They consisted of Poland, Britain, and Russia, formerly known as the USSR. The United States was also a part of the Allies but they didn’t join into the fighting until later in the war. A big portion of the credit of the victory on D-Day has to go to the 101st airborne division. They parachuted in and fought from behind enemy lines to flank the Germans from the rear. They had a huge impact on this very crucial battle. D-Day was the beginning of many Allied victories that led to the end of Hitler’s reign.

The 101st airborne were a very big asset to the Allies. They were an elite force of skilled paratroopers that were the best of their kind. These highly trained killers were dropped in during the invasion. They actually had a lot of miscommunications on the landing zones and drop sites for these men because of the poor weather conditions. They had planned the invasion to take action on the 5th of June, 1944 but because of very low tides and bad cloud cover they postponed it to June 6th. The weather had a very important roll to play in deciding the outcome of this very crucial battle. With low tides it mean that the carrier boats couldn’t land far enough up the beach, thus making the soldiers more exposed and having a longer distance to run up shore. The soldiers...

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