D. Discuss the Factors That Influence Indigenous Mortality. Include the Following in Your Discussion:

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Short and Long Answer Questions
Please type your responses to the following questions into a word document and upload via the Assessment Task 1 folder located under ASSESS in the online HLTHIR403C / HLTHIR404D unit on my.tafe

A minimum of 150 words is required for each response
Please note: this word minimum also applies if there is more than one answer required for the question. For example,
Question 1:
a. minimum 100 words
b. minimum 100 words

Please use APA referencing to acknowledge your sources of information:
APA Referencing Guide (located under ‘Tools’ in the HLTHIR403C_HLTHIR404D unit on my.tafe).

Question 1
Using the latest Australian Bureau of Statistics data answer the following questions:

a. Using current statistical information, discuss the inequality between Indigenous and non-Indigenous mortality rates in Australia

b. Discuss the factors that influence Indigenous mortality. Include the following in your discussion:
* social determinants that impact on Indigenous health
* historical and cultural influences such as ‘stolen generation’, self determination

Question 2
a. Discuss effective communication strategies a nurse would use in a client admission interview. In your answer, consider effective verbal and non-verbal communication and the use of empathy. the sender then communicates to a receiver verbally, nonverbally, or in some other symbolic form (e.g., art). Verbal and nonverbal messages, as…...

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