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D1D1- Evaluate the Impact of Organisations in Improving Human Health

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D1- Evaluate the impact of organisations in improving Human Health.
In this section of the assignment I will be evaluating the impact of organisations in improving Human Health The council has put in place the recycling program, to try reduce and improve human health. The programme has managed to tackle landfills from being full with rubbish that can cause the air to pollute, causing severe damage to human health. The recycling program has had a positive impact on human health, less pollution in the air means people get to live a longer and healthier life because , environmental factors such as pollution is not causing so much damage to the air and environment.
A reduction in landfill causes our health to become better as there is not much dirt on the streets to cause an impact on our environment. Recent statistics shows that since 2000 vs 2014 carbon monoxide particles have gone down from 77 to 60, Nitrogen Dioxide from 52 to 43. .
The programme has managed to tackle land pollution, which stated above we have since a reduction in the chemical particles that float around our environment causing us to get ill.
This can be seen as a very positive achievement for the recycling programme. The UK recycles about 28% of its waste; the rate has almost doubled during the past 15 years. Recycling of specific materials has grown even more drastically: 42% of all paper, 40% of all plastic soft drink bottles, 55% of all aluminium beer and soft drink cans, 57% of all steel packaging, and 52% of all major appliances are now recycled.
However, although the recycling programme has achieved in somewhat their aim to be able to get more and more people to recycle, there are still some ongoing issues in regards to recycling. One of the main issues is, that people are finding...

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