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To: Mr Grinrod
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Subject: D2 Make justified recommendations for improving the validity of the market research used to contribute to the development of selected organisations marketing plans

All tests are designed to measure something; hopefully something specific. If the test does indeed measure what it is intended to measure, then we can say that the test is valid (or has validity). In psychology, tests are usually judged according to their validity and their reliability (if the test produces similar results each time the test is taken). Tests that are valid are also reliable. However a test might be reliable without it being valid. For example, let's say you go to class and your teacher says that he or she has learned that the weight of your head determines the likelihood of you getting cancer. So, each day at the beginning of class the teacher weighs everybody's head on a scale. This continues for one week. Across each day of the week, the weight of your head is going to remain approximately the same; thus we can conclude that the test is reliable.

This sourced from the btec business book.

Define validity

Validity asks whether the research measured what it intended to. Validity implies reliability: a valid measure must be reliable. But reliability does not necessarily imply validity: a reliable measure need not be valid. Validity is usually considered more important than reliability because if an instrument doesn't accurately measure what if it is supposed to; there is no reason to use it if it measures reliably

This sourced from the btec business book.

It is very important that my company have valid research so we can have the right aims and objectives in regards to my product of gluten free chocolate bar. The cost of my bar is also very important as the research I have done would tell me what price I should price the...

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