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Restrepo: One platoon, one valley, one year.
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While watching Restrepo, the thing that came to me most is how close these soldiers were. It was truly like they were family, especially how when they were dancing with each other and fist pumping. It reminded me of something my siblings and I do on a constant basis. It was nice to see that even though these young men are thousands of miles away from their families in a hostile environment not knowing whether or not they would be able to return safely to their families or not, that they were able to have fun and play around. For the most part, I was not able to detect much nervousness and they did not seem to be scared. They showed bravery for the majority of the documentary.
I hate to think about all the post-traumatic stress these brave men have to deal with when they return home. Many of them are still struggling with what had happened in Korengal Valley. I believe it was Steve Kim who said he has been on four or five different sleeping pills that did not do anything to help him sleep. He said the nightmares were so terrible that he would rather not sleep anyways. I just wish there was more that we could do for these men who put their lives on the line for us every day.

A veteran’s experience
I spoke with Staff Sergeant Brad DuLowe before he was deployed last weekend about his experience during his past deployments and he said the guys he was deployed with are closer to him then some of his best friends growing up. He said the bond that develops between a squad is unlike anything else. The things they experience together are things they can only share with each other.
MILSPEAK: Introduction
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After reading the introduction to Milspeak, I couldn’t believe the military was that way towards women. I understood that women haven’t always been on the same pedestal as men, but I thought the military would have been different towards women. I understand that sexual harassment happens in all job fields, but those who serve in the military should know how to handle themselves in that type of situation as to where there does not need to be restrictions on who can or cannot serve on a particular assignment.
Another point that Sally Drumm made that I was shocked about was when she said she felt she did not deserve the disability benefits because she still had her fingers and toes. She felt as if she did not deserve any help with her education because even though she was injured and it prevented her from doing many things, she could have paid for it herself. I hope the majority of veterans’ do not feel this way. I believe that whatever help is offered to them, they should take full advantage of whatever is out there. They risked their lives for their country, the least their country could do for them is to help them out anyway they can.
A veteran’s experience
I spoke with female Second Lieutenant who would like to remain anonymous about her experience as a woman in the military. She had read Milspeak and is very familiar with Sally Drumm, but said her experience has been completely different. In fact, she was offered an assignment strictly because she was female. She also mentioned how things are different now than they were in the 1990s. Also, she said she noticed the Air Force is more female friendly than her experience with any other branch.

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